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Solarized Railroad Crossing

This photo was taken at the “Geigertown Railroad” of an old railroad sign. If you are ever driving on Rt 82 around Morgantown you might notice a bunch of old train engines, cars, and crossings. I stumbled on this while out driving one day and spent an hour or so getting a bunch of great shots. This is just the first, there will be more to come.
This photo was edited. I took it with a Nikon D80 and put the image in Photoshop and then solarized it which is gives it the unique colors.

Wedding Photography

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Fine Art-Color

Nick Leh Photography at the Limerick Golf Club Bridal Show

We’re going to be at the Limerick Golf Club Bridal Show on the 27th. Check out the detials here and stop by to say hi!

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Fine Art-Black and White

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Photo of the week: Washington Crossing Boats

Here is the latest photo and one of my early ones. This is a shot from Washington Crossing Pennylvania of the boats that George Washington and the soldiers used to cross the Delaware river on Christmas eve to surprise the German soldiers in Trenton. I came across this while I was living in Bensalem and out exploring Bucks County one weekend.

After 200 plus years these are obviously replicas but they made for a great photo. I took this photo with a film camera, a Nikon N75. There are no edits to this photo, I captured just what I wanted when I took the photo and it remains a favorite of mine and my fans to this day.

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Photo of the Week: Ice on Pier

This is the first in a series exploring some of my work. This photo is titled Ice on Pier and I have to admit that my creativity seems to be more focused on my photos rather than their names. That aside, this photo was taken in December 2010 in St. Joseph Michigan, on Lake Michigan. St. Joseph is a small “shore” town across the lake from Chicago and gets pretty cold compared to what I’m used to in Pennsylvania, at least in December. We were in Michigan visiting my wife’s family and I ventured out to find some good subjects and came across the pier completely covered in ice. While there were signs warning of the dangers of going onto the pier, they were all the type that puts all of the risk on you. Those warnings with stories from my wife of the number of people that get swept in and die each year in my mind, I ventured out onto the pier in search of a great photo opportunity….and I was rewarded for my risk!

I took the photo with my Nikon D80 around late morning/early afternoon with a Quantaray 28-200 lens. I took several shots of the pier from various angles, and in the end settled on two, this one and one that I will post at a later date. The way the waves lap up over the rails and freeze over and over again creates a great sight but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the raw image.

It wasn’t until I was back in PA and loaded the image into Photoshop that I came to see the photo exactly how I wanted it.

Disclaimer: Since this is the first entry about my work I want to make sure everyone understands my views on digital manipulation. I have been doing art fairs for the past couple of years and a lot of traditional photographers view digital manipulation as a no no….heck most view digital photography overall as a no no and stick to film and a standard darkroom. I have no problem with using a digital camera and believe that you have an opportunity to experiment more with digital than you do with film, at the very least just from a cost perspective in that you aren’t spending tons of money on film to try things out. That said I started with a manual film camera and was trained in a traditional darkroom and spent years working in a photolab processing film and printing photos. I try to restrict my manipulations strictly to things that can be done in a darkroom if I change the image at all. The work on my site is a variety of film and digital and only a percentage has any manipulation to it. All of this is to say that I think photography is more than just what you do when you take a photograph. You can manipulate things just as much when you develop the film or when you print the photo as you can on a computer.

Back to the photo, in Photoshop I used the solarization filter which made the sky dark and the ice really light and then changed the image to black and white. From there I increased the contrast which really darkened the sky and made the ice pop in contrast to it. In the end some minor changes really made an already dramatic scene into something that really jumps out and grabs you.

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A Unique Perspective On Photography

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